Will Maruti ever bring back their old time game changer machine "Maruti Zen"
Will Maruti ever bring back their old time game changer machine "Maruti Zen"

Will Maruti ever bring back their old time game changer machine “Maruti Zen”


The ones that have ever driven a Zen know how good the car is. Maruti Zen was one of the most famous hatchbacks of its time. The Zen is the acronym for ‘Zero Engine Noise’. The car was launched in India back in 1993, almost 10 years after the inception of Maruti Suzuki. Within no time, Zen became a popular car. The powerful engine, low-floor drive and customizable gave it a headstart in the race against the rivals.

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Though a mistake but a unique one Zen Carbon & steel or popularly known a 3 -door car of India.

Back in 2003 Maruti Zen was sold in a different avatar in Poland, which was a 3-door hatchback. It was sold in two variants, namely Zen Carbon and Zen Steel. It was a good seller in the Polish market before the company decided to stop the export. The company was left with 600 units in total, 300 of each of the variant. This is when the marketing team decided to launch a limited-edition Zen which will help to clear out the inventory as well as help in regaining the lost customers. Maruti Zen was launched with a 3-door setup in 2003.Its is being sold people who modification loved it Many of us even have not seen this beauty but the one’s who seen is all time fan of the NFS Zen Carbon ;)This was a very innovative way to say sorry. The Zen Carbon was available in ‘Carbon Black’ while the Zen Steel was available in ‘Steel Silver’ colour. As soon as the company announced the limited versions, people who loved the 5-door hatch went crazy and bought off the whole lot off the market.

It was equipped with a 1.0-litre engine which could produce 60hp of power and a peak torque of 78Nm. The variants were priced around ₹2lakhs. All the features were the same as the 5-door version except the 5 doors itself. It also had an air conditioning unit to make you feel comfortable inside the limited special edition.Some people can be seen to overhaul the engine to even produce over 100hp of power from the 1.0-litre engine which in stock would produce 60hp at max. I bet you cannot find a zen without the alloys and the best modifications done on the machine.

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